SwishJustice Files Criminal Charges Against ABN AMRO Employee Marco van ‘t Veer-Rademaker

June 6, 2024 – SwishJustice, an private investigation and private prosecution organization, today announced the filing of criminal charges against Marco van ‘t Veer-Rademaker, an employee of ABN AMRO. Mr. van ‘t Veer-Rademaker is charged with perverting the course of justice, conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation, and conspiracy to commit fraud. These charges are part of a broader investigation into the activities of ABN AMRO and its subsidiaries, which has been ongoing for the past two years.


The investigation, spearheaded by SwishJustice’s team of legal experts and investigators, has uncovered significant evidence suggesting that Mr. van ‘t Veer-Rademaker engaged in actions aimed at obstructing justice and participated in fraudulent activities designed to deceive clients and regulatory bodies.


Key Findings from the Investigation:

Perverting the Course of Justice: Evidence indicates that Mr. van ‘t Veer-Rademaker took deliberate steps to obstruct legal processes, including tampering with documents and influencing witnesses to withhold or falsify information.

Conspiracy to Commit Fraud by False Representation: Mr. van ‘t Veer-Rademaker is alleged to have conspired with other individuals within ABN AMRO to present false information to clients and stakeholders, misrepresenting the financial stability and investment potential of certain financial products.

Conspiracy to Commit Fraud: The investigation has revealed a coordinated effort involving Mr. van ‘t Veer-Rademaker and other ABN AMRO employees to engage in fraudulent schemes, thereby causing substantial financial harm to clients and undermining the integrity of the financial system.


“This case is a significant step in holding accountable those who undermine the rule of law and the integrity of our financial institutions,” said Floris van Oostrom, Director-General at SwishJustice. “We are committed to ensuring that justice is served and that those responsible for these serious crimes are brought to justice.”


The charges against Mr. van ‘t Veer-Rademaker are the first in what is expected to be a series of legal actions against several employees of ABN AMRO. SwishJustice’s investigation has revealed systemic issues within the bank and its subsidiaries, pointing to a broader culture of misconduct and fraud.


SwishJustice urges any individuals with additional information related to this case to come forward and cooperate with the ongoing investigation. The organization remains dedicated to protecting the interests of the public and ensuring that financial institutions operate within the bounds of the law.