Investigative Services

Surveillance: Monitoring individuals, locations, or activities discreetly to gather information.

Background Checks: Comprehensive background investigations for individuals or businesses.

Asset Searches: Locating and documenting assets, including real estate, bank accounts, and vehicles.

Skip Tracing: Finding and locating individuals who have gone missing or are evading contact.

Insurance Claims Investigations: Verifying the validity of insurance claims, including workers’ compensation and personal injury claims.

Corporate Investigations: Investigating internal fraud, theft, embezzlement, and employee misconduct.

Due Diligence: Evaluating the background and reputation of potential business partners or investments.

Infidelity Investigations: Confidential investigations related to suspicions of marital infidelity.

Child Custody Investigations: Gathering evidence related to child custody disputes.

Computer Forensics: Recovering and analyzing digital data from computers and electronic devices.

Security Services

Executive Protection: Personal security services for high-profile individuals or executives.

Event Security: Ensuring the safety and security of events, conferences, and gatherings.

Residential Security: Home security assessments and protection services.

Corporate Security: Tailored security solutions for businesses and office premises.

Access Control: Implementing and managing access control systems for facilities.

Alarm Response: Rapid response to security alarms and emergencies.

Security Consulting: Assessing security risks and developing customized security strategies.

Crisis Management: Planning and response for crisis situations.

Security Training: Providing security awareness and training programs for individuals and organizations.

Cybersecurity Services: Protecting digital assets and data through cybersecurity measures.

Legal Support Services

Process Serving: Delivering legal documents to individuals or entities involved in legal proceedings.

Witness Interviews: Conducting interviews and obtaining statements from witnesses.

Court Records Research: Retrieving and analyzing court records and documents.

Surveillance for Litigation: Gathering evidence for use in legal cases.

Specialized Services

Counter Surveillance: Detecting and mitigating electronic surveillance and eavesdropping.

Undercover Operations: Infiltrating organizations or groups to gather information.

Drug Testing: Conducting drug tests for individuals or businesses.

Polygraph (Lie Detector) Testing: Administering polygraph examinations for various purposes.